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The evolution of the telecoms industry has seen the very definition of telecom provider transform and the services telecoms providers encompass has greatly expanded. As a consequence of increased customer expectations and competition from new providers the telecommunications industry has seen a decrease in revenue and the need to plug financial leakages and explore new revenue streams has been elevated to an all time high. Additionally, the escalating rate of the development of technology results in new possibilities of fraud trends and fraud origins that telecoms fraud professionals are aiming to prevent rather than detect. With little legal aid to hand to combat telecoms fraud and the financial losses it incurs, the industry demands effective means to cut these financial leakages and source new means of diversifying revenue growth.
That’s why we’re back for the 7th year of Telecoms Fraud and Revenue Assurance Conference! We’ve assembled the most innovative and forward-thinking fraud and revenue assurance leaders to inspire your fraud and revenue assurance strategy.I am very excited by the outstanding panel of speakers for the 2018 conference, who are here to guide you through your biggest challenges facing fraud management and revenue assurance in telecoms:
  • Gain insight into the most effective methods to detect and prevent fraud
  • Understand how to move Revenue Assurance to a more strategic place within your company and why collaboration with Revenue Assurance teams should be a priority
  • Get to grips with the impact of GDPR and E Privacy will have on your business
  • Debate the impact of the digital era on traditional, new and emerging fraud trends and what preventative measures can be taken
  • Avoid costly mistakes through balancing risk management, profitability and customer demands

2018 speakers include

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Who will you meet?

VP's/Heads/Directors of:

  •  Fraud
  •  Fraud Management
  •  Fraud Prevention
  •  Fraud & Revenue Assurance
  •  Margin Assurance
  •  Risk Management
  •  Risk Strategy
  •  Audit
  •  Finance & Accounting
  •  Network Security
  •  Cost Management
  •  Credit Management

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